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Construction Equipment

When do You Need Construction Equipment?

If you need to stockpile, transport or lift heavy materials, dense debris or any type of soil in abundance, then construction equipment is required. The heavy duty equipment listed includes heavy machines used for construction, road maintenance, earthmoving, agriculture, landscaping and other heavy duty commercial applications such as general storage, traffic control, outdoor lighting, power generation and much more.

What Are Common Types of Construction Equipment

This list of construction equipment will help you get started:

  • Backhoes – Backhoes have a tractor design with a rear bucket for digging holes and a front bucket for filling them. Backhoes can also be used for grading roads and for general earthmoving jobs. They are primarily meant for medium-sized jobs. The backhoe has a small frame that works especially well in small jobs sites.
  • Excavators – An even larger version of the backhoe that may or may not have a front bucket. Used for the same heavy duty jobs as backhoes, but on a larger scale. Meant for spacious job sites.
  • Skid Steers – A smaller piece of heavy equipment with a front loader bucket and dual lifting arms. Its basic design can be used to transport materials and clear debris.
  • Nearly every piece of heavy equipment has multiple attachments for completing more tasks!

Find the Heavy Construction Equipment You Need

No matter what industry you’re in, and no matter how large or small the job, we always have the right construction equipment at the right price! You’ll find our easy-to-navigate layout makes searching a cinch. Simply choose from any of the construction equipment categories listed here to start browsing today.


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