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Forage / Silage Harvester

A forage / silage harvester is a piece of farm machinery that is used to harvest forage crops such as grass to process them into silage. Forage harvesters may be powered, which are known as self-propelled forage harvesters, or they may be towed from the tractor and be PTO-driven. Forage harvesters are sometimes also known as foragers, choppers or silage harvesters.

Whether they are self-propelled or mounted, the basic configuration is the same. They have a flywheel or drum that is fitted with a number of cutting knives. The chopped crop is then blown from the forage harvester in a chute into a wagon or trailer that can be attached or driven alongside the unit. Some of the larger examples of forage harvesters will also use paddle accelerators, which are used to increase cutting speeds and unloading performance.

When the wagon is full, it can simply be detached and driven back to the store or silo for unloading and processing. At the same time, a second wagon can be attached to allow the forage harvester to continue with its work uninterrupted. Different forage crops have different characteristics that require different cutting techniques, and the forage harvester can be fitted with different cutting heads that can be attached and removed easily. Grass silage, for example, is often mown prior to being harvested. The forage harvester is then fitted with a collection head, or windrow pick-up, to harvest the grass once it has had the opportunity to wilt.

Forage Harvester Single Row

Staalmeester forage harvester with single row maize, and grass pickup attachment. As new condition.

Price: POA

JF FCT 900 Forage Harvester

JF FCT 900 Forage Harvester, 2000 Year, C/W Hydraulic PUH, Swivel Chute, 1.6 Metre Pickup reel. S/N 128-045-0458. Very Tidy Condition

Price: POA

2004 Pottinger Mex Forage Harvester

Pottinger Mex 6 MD Forage Harvester.
Metal Detector, Spout Extension, Spout Support, PUH, High Speed Pulleys, 1.9m Pickup, New Knives, New Shear Bar, Sharpening Stone 90%, Serviced and Ready to Go. Very Tidy Condition

Price: POA

John Deere 3950 Forage Harvester

John Deere 3950 Forage Harvester, PUH, High Speed, Pull type, Good tyres, S/N: E03950X985519. Very Tidy Condition. 

Price: POA

Reco Mengele SH40 Forage Harvester Trailed

Year: 2008
Used: 2008 RECO MENGELE SH40 Trailed Forage Harvester Forage Wagons barrel carrier, 1.9metre pick-up, very tidy, very good condition for work.

Price: POA

1986 New Holland 1900 Forage Harvester

Self Propelled Forage harvester 2wd Hydraulic Transmission Caterpillar turbo engine, Heat & AC, Engine power 201,34 kw, long hydraulic spout rotary screen sharpener 23.1×26 Drive Tyres 11.00×16 Steering!!! 6×30 Chain Forage Head and 974 6×30 earlage head with adapter. Hours used 2870. Serial No 440142.

Price: POA

1998 John Deere 6950 Forage Harvester

In good working condition

Price: POA

1998 Claas Jaguar 840 Forage Harvester

1998 Claas Jaguar 840 Claas PU 300 Claas RU 450 central lubrication, new tower, heating, on-board transformer, Very good and well-kept chopper, no maintenance backlog! Speed: 20, width: 450, Hours 7189, Horse Power 271,43,  kwon-board computer / monitor, hydrostatic drive, manual air conditioning, maize header, radio, row-independent, rotating beacon, height-adjustable hitch, No of rows: 6

Price: POA

2007 Pottinger Mex Self Propelled Forage Harvester

Year: 2007
Used: This Pottinger Mex is used
Pottinger Mex 6 forager, metal detector, Hitch, very tidy

Price: POA

Premium Flex FC Menta Mit 1 Row Forage Harvester

In very excellent condition

Price: POA

2006 JF FCT 1050 protec Forage Harvester

Year: 2006
Used:JF FCT 1050 protec Forage Harvesters, Metal detector, Pickup Hitch, Trailed forager, Very tidy

Price: POA

2005 JF 900 FCT Forage Harvester

Year: 2005
Used: JF 900 FCT Trailed Forager Forage Wagons. c/w PUHitch, barrel carrier, 2.2metre pick-up, very tidy, very good condition for work.

Price: POA

1994 Mengele SH40 Trailed Forage Harvester

Year: 1994
Used: 1994 MENGELE SH40 Trailed Forage Harvester Forage Wagons 
barrel carrier, 1.8metre pick-up, very tidy, very good condition for work.

Price: POA