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Buy new or used Telehandlers at best prices from reliable sellers or machinery dealer. Attractive offers on high-quality agricultural machinery in good working condition.

Buy with confidence, Functional Inspection Done On Key Components. Your safety and reliability are of utmost importance to us. Whether you are putting someone 20’ or 150’ in the air, or lifting 2721,55 kg or 5443 kg – you want “Peace of Mind” on the job site, not just a “piece of equipment”. Therefore, every unit that comes into our yard goes through a functional inspection. 6% of the units that come into our yard do not pass our standard and are rejected.

When Do You Need Telehandlers?

When you need to lift a heavy load but don’t have the time (or maybe even the budget) to wait for a crane, then mobile telehandlers are a viable option. They are primarily used throughout the construction and warehouses industries move loads to places that regular forklifts can’t reach (typically with a pallet fork attachment), and in agricultural industries to move loads to places where backhoes and front wheel loaders can’t reach (sometimes using a grapple attachment). In forestry operations, a telehandler can be used to assess the health of trees and prune them (using a platform attachment).

Different Types of Telehandler Attachments
Aside from pallet forks and grapple attachments, telehandlers also benefit from:
Dirt Buckets – With a bucket attachment, your telehandler can dig like a backhoe and has even better reach.
Grain Buckets – Allows you to load grain trucks with ease.
Work Platforms – With this attachment, your telehandler transforms into a cherry picker for lifting work crews.
Lifting Jibs – If you can’t lift a load using forks, then a jib lets you lift like a crane.
Snow Plows – Used to clear snow.

Find Telehandlers!
We have a wide variety of telehandlers that are designed for lifting heavy loads to high areas. Whether you need a telescopic telehandler for the construction site, the warehouse, out in the forest, or anywhere else, simply choose your favorite brand and start shopping.

Genie GTH1056 Telehandler

Used 2008 Genie GTH1056 Telehandler,  Telescopic Forklift w/ Enclosed Cab, 2,410 Hours used, Diesel, Lift Height 56 ft, Lift Capacity 4545 kg, 4WD, Air Tyres.

Price: POA

JCB 512-56 Telehandler

Used 2012 JCB 512-56 Telehandler,  Telescopic Forklift w/ Enclosed Cab, 3617 Hours used, Diesel, Lift Height 56 ft, Lift Capacity 5443 kg, Outriggers / Stabilizers, Foam Filled Tyres, 4WD, Crab-Steering, Auxiliary Hydraulics, Carriage w/ Forks.

Price: POA

SkyTrak 10054 Telehandler

Used 2008 SkyTrak 10054 Telehandler,  Telescopic Forklift w/ Enclosed Cab with AC/Heat, 4,765 Hours used, Diesel, Lift Height 56 ft, Lift Capacity 4545 kg, Cummins Engine, 4WD, Outriggers / Stabilizers, Foam Filled Tyres,  Crab – Steering, Auxiliary Hydraulics, 72″ Standard Carriage w / Forks, Max weight without attachment. 13589.

Price: POA

JLG G6-42A Telehandler

Used 2006 JLG G6-42A Telehandler, Telescopic Forklift w/ Enclosed Cab, 4223 Hours used, Diesel, Lift Height 42 ft, Lift Capacity 2993, Horizontal reach 29ft, Rotating forks 4ft, Tilt body, 4 cyl John Deere Turbo Engine, Foam Filled Tyres, 4WD, Crab-Steering.

Price: POA

New Holland LM840 Telehandler

Used 2000 New Holland LM840 Telehandler, Telescopic Forklift w/ Enclosed Cab, 2485 Hours used, Diesel, Lift Height 60ft, Lift Capacity 6400, Outriggers / Stabilizers, Auxiliary Hydraulics, Foam Filled Tyres, 4WD, Crab-Steering,  Max weight without attachment. 13400 kg,. 

Price: POA